• Stella By Starlight10:53
  • Tin Tin Deo12:27
  • Yard Bird Suite7:35
  • Autumn Leaves12:32
  • Sister Sadie7:20
  • Corcovado14:31
  • Look for the Silver Lining 7:01
  • You Don't Know what Love Is8:51
  • Doxy7:23
  • Whisper Not8:35
  • Night Train8:26
  • If I Were a Bell6:43
  • I Thought About You5:54
  • Ceora6:47
  • There is No Greater Love9:32
  • Stablemates7:06
  • Wave7:46
  • My Romance8:30
  • Alone Together9:06
  • I Remember April9:23
  • I Hear a Rhapsody9:08
  • Satin Doll11:22
  • Have you Met Miss Jones8:22
  • This I Dig of You6:52
  • Easy Living8:21
  • Nostalgia In Times Square7:21
  • Olive Tree7:30
  • Like Someone In Love8:35
  • Black Nile7:57
  • Triste7:23
  • Dewey Square6:35
  • Tin Tin Deo8:52
  • Rain Park11:59
  • The Night has 1000 Eyes8:21
  • Nardis12:44
  • In Your Own Sweet Way14:30
  • Nostalgia In Times Square11:49
  • Groovin' High8:16
  • In Your Own Seet Way11:19
  • Pent Up House6:05
  • The Night has 1000 Eyes12:27

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The Night has 1000 Eyes - Joe Longarder with Dragon Jazz

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Clif Johnson interviews Tony Bott and Joe Longardner about how they think about and compose Jazz 

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