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Also passionate about education, Dragon Jazz conducts master classes on a variety of Jazz topics including how to play and hear out, tune writing, how to be communicative in an ensemble and other simpler topics such as tune learning, harmony, and how to be an efficient practicer. You can stay up to date about Dragon Jazz news right here on this site!  Thanks for supporting Dragon Jazz.  Dragon Jazz is a member of the JZ Club family and is also sponsored and supported by the Hong Kong company "JSL" Woodwind Accessories.  


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Jul - 18



Dragon Jazz members Tony Bott and Joe Lonardner are interviewed by Clif Johnson.  They discuss their own personal styles of how to compose for a Jazz setting.

Dragon Jazz would be happy to come teach and perform to your school or organization.  Sign up today!

Classes Include:

Dragon Jazz (龙爵士乐队) is an ensemble that is actively trying to combine the traditional elements of Jazz with their own flare and modern creativity.  Playing a mix of original compositions and re-tuned standards, Dragon Jazz has become one of the premier modern Jazz ensembles in China and southeast Asia.  Based out of Guangzhou, China, all the members of Dragon Jazz keep a full time performance schedule as freelance musicians and are all first call players in China.  The band was formed in 2013 and has slowly began to gain popularity throughout the Chinese and Asian Jazz scene.