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Dragon Fly M (Medium)

JSL's ligatures are truly state of the art.  Using the most modern design and production techniques we at JSL can truly create a new and unique ligature that will improve your sound and response from the first time you put it on your mouthpiece.   Currently offering two series, and five models, you can choose which type of response and sound you think is best for you. 

The Dragon Fly Small Carbon Ring Ligature is the epitome of good response.  The smallest and lightest ligature produced by JSL, The Dragon Fly S will significantly improve your response especially while playing hard reeds or at low volumes.

The goal for the Dragon Fly Series Ligatures is to create, an ultra centered tone with a fast, nimble response. The thickness of the ligature is only about 1 mm and the Carbon Fibber material allows the ligature to be extremely durable and offers a very free blowing experience.  Having two ligatures in this series, one with a darker tone and one with a brighter tone, you can choose the type of sound you want/need for the situation at hand without sacrificing the overall control of your instrument.   

The Dragon Fly Medium Carbon Ring Ligature is the perfect balance between response and power.  The Medium effortlessly makes hard reeds respond easier, and soft reeds to play darker.  A perfect ligature for any style or setting.

Dragon Fly L (Long)

Joe Longardner, Saxophonist, founder and designer of JSL, currently plays different ligatures for different situations.  Sometimes, you just need to sound darker or brighter, fuller sound or smaller sound, but you don't want to change your mouthpiece or reed because that can negatively affect how comfortable you are playing your horn which will affect the level of music you are creating.  Not all performances are the same and not all rooms are the same.  Having a choice in your sound colour, without sacrificing the overall control and feel of the instrument, is very important to Joe and is the overall goal for these ligatures.  Different sound, relatively the same feel. 

All JSL ligature are made from Carbon Fibber.  The public verdict is still out on the acoustic qualities of Carbon Fibber, but once you play the ligatures, you will understand the clarity of tone that Carbon Fibber can deliver.  Using Carbon Fibber also allows for Ultra Fast response from all the products.  With less atoms to vibrate than the traditional fabric, metal or wood ligatures, the response time of the instrument improves greatly.  Carbon Fibber also make the products extremely durable and will not corrode or degrade over time. 

Listed below are the different series, models and product descriptions of the JSL ligature line.  If you have an idea for a ligature, JSL can produce custom products, specifically designed for you, at a relatively low cost.  Please click the Custom Products tab above for more information. 


Dragon Fly S (Short)

Dragon Fly Series:

The Dragon Fly Long Carbon Ring Ligature is the darkest and most powerful ligature made by JSL.  The extended length of the ligature allows for maximum volume and power while darkening and reducing bright overtones.  At high volumes, the clarity of sounds is unmatched by anything other ligature on the market.