Jazz Musician

Alongside being a professional bassist and guitarist, Dutch musician Thomas Hoogland is something of a modern renaissance man.  He has obtained an undergraduate and master's degree in Organizational Psychology, published two books about the human brain and maximizing the efficiently of learning, speaks 8 languages, owns and operates a business of his own line of custom design men's dress shoes and keeps up an active performance schedule.

Percussionist, Guitarist and Bassist Brandon Bott is a second year student at Northern Illinois University and the son of DragonJazz drummer Tony Bott.  He has grown up around music his whole life and is becoming a young lion on the Chicago Jazz scene. Brandon frequently performs with DragonJazz when everyone is in the same place.

XuGe - Drums

Dan Sulzberger is from the island state of Tasmania, Australia. He has a degree in Music Performance from the University of Tasmania. Dan is a jazz piano player, arranger and composer. Dan has also worked as a teacher in many schools across the island state. In 2010 Dan received the Jack Duffy Jazz Award for excellence and service. Dan regularly subs with Dragon Jazz and brings his own swin' style to the band.

Dragon Jazz

Born in Guangzhou, China, JunYi is one of the young lions on the Chinese Jazz scene.  Studied Jazz in China at XingHai and in Cardiff, Wales at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. JunYi frequently joins DragonJazz and performs originals and re-tuned arrangements.

Chris Stiles - Piano

Percussionist, Keyboardist and Vocalist Tony Bott has been a freelance professional musician for almost 30 years. After obtaining an undergraduate degree and a master's degree from The University of Southern California in Jazz, Tony moved to Japan and worked throughout the country for over 15 years.  7 years ago Tony accepted the job of director of Voice and Jazz at the American International School located in Guangzhou, China.  Tony now basses himself in southern China and frequently tours with many groups including his award winning Choirs.    

Brandon Bott - Drums

JunYi - Vocals

Chris Stiles has been a first call pianist, keyboardist and vocalist on the Chinese jazz and music scene for almost 20 years.  Spending his formative years as a US Army brat, he then studied Jazz and Chinese Language at Arizona State. Chris then moved to Taiwan to continue his study and work as a freelance musician. Chris has performed in numerous musical settings including with Chinese Pop Stars, R&B groups, but his passion is Jazz.  Chris is one of the main writers for Dragon Jazz and also maintains the Chris Stiles Trio playing his originals and arrangements exclusively. 

A native of Guangzhou, China, ZhanJing is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University where he was a Graduate Teaching Assistant and obtained a master's degree in Jazz Studies.   He is a frequent sub for Dragon Jazz and we are hoping to play more together as time goes on. 

Dan Sulzberger - Piano

XuGe is one of the top drummers in China.  Performing a wide verity of styles , he has earned a position as one of the professional performers and teachers working for the Chinese Government. XuGe is a frequent substitute drummer and also acts as a local agent for DragonJazz.  Joe Longardner and Thomas Hoogland also play in XuGe's own group, "The Sugar Quintet"

ZhangJing - Guitar


Meet the Band

Thomas Hoogland -Double Bass

Tony Bott - Drums

Joe Longardner - Saxophone

JZ Club in China openly and graciously gives Dragon Jazz the opportunity to write and perfrom their own music for an educated and receptive clientel of people.  Dragon Jazz wants to say thanks for the supoort over the years!


JZ Club

American Saxophonist Joe Longardner performs in a variety of musical styles and frequently plays throughout Asia, Europe and America.  He studied Jazz at Butler University and was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of South Florida. He also studied Jazz Composition while he lived and worked in Madrid, Spain.  Joe is a veteran Musical Director for Carnival Cruise Lines, has performed on and composed for many albums and soundtracks and has been a guest Jazz and Music teacher in numerous educational settings.   Joe is also an endorsed artist for the Korean Saxophone company, Kim's Korea Saxophone.

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