—False Resolutions (In and Out)

Advanced Turn-a-rounds

Augmented Triad Pairs

Coltrane Sequential

New Changes 


ii  V7



Below I have listed many different tonal ideas on how to change and manipulate model (single chord) songs.  Please be careful how you use these.  If you can't play the Beginner ideas, you should NOT move to Intermediate or Advanced yet.  It also recommend  that you spend 6 months or so practicing the Beginner and Intermediate ideas, and at least one year for EACH Advanced idea.  Any questions please ask.  Please also use and create CPM ideas to help practice these tonal concepts. 

Lady Bird

Ideas for Modal Playing:

—Natural 7—
—Half Step Approach—
—Side Slipping—
—Chromatic Movement (2nds, 3rds, 4ths…ect)



Walk Down

F - Eb - Db

Jazz Musician